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Iv recently had to go through and remove a lot of images that have absolutely nothing to do with the group theme.

Cmon people, its written write in the title. I left this group open so people can post freely, but if I gotta ill make it sos I have to approve all submissions.

Images of characters being tickled by tentacles, don't care if their human, furry, male, female, anything, but stick to the theme please.
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This group if Tentacle pics involving tickling or bondage, everyone is welcome to join and to submit art, however be advised that tentacle RAPE pics are NOT allowed

Have fun everyone :D





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Naga-Asura Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2016
I certainly like the idea of this group and its definitely one of my favorite tickle methods on females. Caught off guard or wrong place at the wrong time, tentacles are great for tickling their feet. I'm looking forward to seeing what this group has to offer. 
NostalgicAlien Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Does anyone want to RP? I do fandom's and original rps.

I ALWAYS write in SCRIPT form. Feel free to roleplay the way you'd like though. 

I'm usually very quick with replies.

I can do maleXmale, femXfem, femXmale, intersex/male and EVERYTHING in between. 

I love VIOLENCE, CUSSING, ROMANCE, SEXUAL content and just overall DRAMA.

DRUG and ALCOHOL use is awesome.

I don't mind most fetishes, but I WILL NOT DO hardcore Vore, inflation/super fat or shrinking, sexual pregnancy, necrophilia, crazy muscle growth, animals, feet sex, baby sex, mind control, MPreg, farting or just shit or piss related. 

I like BDSM. (Kinky bondage shit and masochism and sadism.)

I think slaveXmaster is rad.

I think doctorXnurse and doctorXpatient is rad.

I think teacherXstudent is rad.

I think prisonerXauthoritive figure is rad.

I don't mind being submissive or dominant in sex scenes. I can easily do both.

I'm cool with sex toys. I feel like they spice up a sex scene.

RAPE has happened in other rps I've done, so I'll say it's okay with me. 

PEDOPHELIA has happened in other rps I've done, so I'll say it's okay with me.

INCEST is not preferred, but if you have a good enough idea for it, I'll consider it.

If animals are being played, I will only do anthro/humanoid versions of them. None of that furry/feral shit.

I don't do cannon characters or cannon plots in rps that I do. I might do fandom's, but I like to keep what I do inside the fandom's as original as possible.

I like having some sort of PLOT or OUTLINE, but most of the time it isn't needed if we both warm up to the roleplay really well. Like it kind of just goes where it goes. Also, there's a difference between having a simple plot and planning the entire roleplay out detail by detail. PLEASE DON'T ask for or expect a long, super detailed STORYLINE or something. You won't get it from me.

I'm really going to stress GOOD GRAMMAR and SPELLING, but if you mess up on accident, it's okay. CAPITALIZE things when they need to be capitalized. End of story. Please use PUNCTUATION. Seriously. It looks SO GODDAMN STUPID when people don't use any punctuation and have run on sentences... Also, don't spell things wrong/half-assed on purpose. Like "I luv u", just put " I love you". It's not that hard people!

PLEASE put DETAIL into what your saying. Don't just make your character respond to something like "Oh, I agree. *nods*" because that is a SHIT reply and isn't detailed or anything and I won't RP with people because of that. I mean, put at least a full sentence and a full action in there somewhere.

I don't mind OCs, just don't make them Mary Sue's/Gary Stu's or God Modelers.

If anyone is interested, note me. <3
Zanethedarkking Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2016
Can anyone tickle rp with me I do f/m and f/f.
RiverAngel16 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2015  Student General Artist
Would anyone do a yuri rp with me?
I will can it include tickling
InkFoxie Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
TheBolivianSniper Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for accepting my thingy! If anyone wants to commission a section in my upcoming story feel free to DM me! (It's going in here hopefully!)
Ticklishrp Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2015
anyone feel like rp? Note me X3
A-Ticklee Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2014
Hi! I was wondering if anyone wanted to do a tickle rp with me? If you're interested send a note :)
UkyoKuonji2004 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014
I have an idea for a tentacle rape-impregnation story. Anyone interested in RPing that?
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